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 + Plastic grinding media

Area of application:
Plastic grinding media are mainly used for vibratory grinding of aluminum, brass, zinc and magnesium alloys. Our plastic grinding medias are lighter than our Ceramic abrasives and absolutely free of splinters.
Shapes: pyramid, cone, trident pyramid.

Our advantage:
Our plastic grinding medias achieve a grinding pattern of the highest quality and low consumption of abrasives. This process is the basis for the reduction of sludge and foam . Compare it yourself ... In many cases, it's worth to upgrade.

 + Ceramic grinding media

In ceramic abrasives we convince with permanently low and consistently transparent prices.

Our advantage:
The abrasives meet the high quality standards, our well-known customers demand.
Please contact us for a wide variety of grades and geometries.

 + Compounds

Our compounds are made from environmentally friendly raw materials and are used as highly concentrated liquid compounds, which meet the requirements of modern dosing perfectly.

With our concentrates many customers have a lower consumption of compounds, thus saving storage and transportation costs. The exclusive use of highly concentrated compounds means a responsible approach to the environment and significantly reduces your compound costs.

Grinding media

As a suppliar of process media we offer a wide range of grinding, drying and polishing media. We attribute great importance to outstanding quallity and fast, flexible availability.

Make the experience and look forward to an straightforward procedure.