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Paint stripping processes that inspires!

Innovative technologies for the gentle stripping of paint from workpieces

Paint stripping of workpieces and components is an important step in industrial manufacturing to remove paint and other coatings from materials. Paint stripping processes and systems are used here, ranging from simple basins to fully automated robotic solutions. In this context, IPS offers industry-specific solutions for the manufacture and design of paint stripping tanks that can effectively and efficiently process both smaller and larger workpieces.

Paint stripping processes and systems

Painting processes and equipment

Paint stripping basin

Paint stripping tanks in various sizes for stripping paint from a wide range of workpieces. The optimum interplay between temperature, mechanics, time and chemistry makes it possible to realise extremely cost-efficient paint stripping processes.

    Heating element paint stripping tank

    Indirect heating through temperature control units in various designs

    Collecting grid Paint stripping basin

    Available in various geometries, depending on the component shape.

    Safe paint stripping with temperature and chemistry through indirect heating!

    • Stainless steel container in high quality finish
    • Double-walled version
    • Integrated drip tray with leakage sensor
    • Agitator for constant bath circulation
    • Filling level control
    • Temperature monitoring
    • PLC control with touch display
    • Interface to ext. extraction systems
    • Optimum insulation for minimum heat loss
    • Can be used up to 120°C
    • Indirect heating through temperature control units in various designs
    • Circulation medium water / thermal oil
    • Pneumatic cover

    Dimensions (W x H x D) :
    2.700 x 1.700 x 1.200 mm*

    Filling volume:
    1.800 litres*

    * Paint stripping tanks are available in various geometries that are adapted to the shape of the components to be stripped. This ensures that the components are completely freed from lacquers and coatings without being damaged in the process. Choosing the right geometry is therefore an important factor in realising efficient paint stripping processes.

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